Pack like a photon (traveling light)

Carrying everything I need either on my bike or on my back for approximately 8-9 weeks means I’d better lighten up. I live out of a backpack for my job, so am used to packing and unpacking, however over the years my bag has become heavier and heavier. I’m not on holidays, it’s my life, so I like the comforts of home with me. I usually don’t need to actually carry it far, in fact in recent years have upgraded to a backpack with wheels, and more often than not use them. My bag can sometimes grow to 30kg on a trip… it can be a bit of a joke with my groups, as we recommend that they carry no more than 10kg.

I have some equipment already, but have ordered some new lightweight bits and bobs online to replace some that are about to expire. I’ll endeavour to review the newer, and perhaps some of the older items on this blog later. A lot of companies don’t ship to Indonesia and some outdoor brands have restrictions on sending internationally, due to distribution deals. Luckily I have a network of friends around the world who have helped me overcome these obstacles.

Yay! I’ve just had a message from a friend that my shipment has arrived! I ordered online in the US, and sent to a friend there, who sent it to a friend in Singapore. My friend from Bali has, in turn, picked it up, as she was visiting Singapore… and it’s on it’s way! (I didn’t send it here, as sometimes things take an extraordinarily long time to pass customs, or simply never arrive… still waiting for my French street atlas). Tomorrow will be like Christmas!

There are lots of packing lists both for the Camino and hiking in general online, so I will add mine to the list eventually when all is compiled. Ten percent of your body weight is what is recommended for the Camino. Oh dear, when I hike I sometimes carry 15kg… or more. I don’t weigh 150kg. I can either lighten my bag of fatten my body… But think the former is the wiser choice (see I am becoming wiser in my old age).

A few years ago a knowledgable friend who hikes said very sagely “nothing weighs nothing” – this will have to be my new mantra.



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