Cycle Path Psychopath part 2 – Muddy Fields & Scarecrows

Bretigny-sur-Orge to Guillerval
Monday 6 October

This morning I was a little late to rise, but finally got on the road and wanted to visit the church in Arpajon, as it was on the pilgrim route and wanted to get a stamp in my Credential, but it when I arrived it was all locked up, and no one to be found… So I continued onto Guillerval, my next stop. I was extolling the virtues of Google maps as it took me off highways and into delightful woodland paths, when the heavens opened and I found myself in the middle of a muddy filed and only able to travel at about 5kms per hour. To add insult to injury, Google kept telling me 5 mins to your destination. There was no village in sight, and in the distance I could see a perfectly good minor local road… But I was stuck pushing my bike through the mud.

I eventually arrived in the charming little village to the delights of an old stone farm house filed with art and warmth. My hosts for this evening were again a wonderful generous and welcoming family, we got on very well and talked late into the evening. They offered a nice bottle of red, and my first Champagne in France… Delicious home cooked food, again with ingredients from the garden. Charming kids who were really interested in my pictures of Indonesia – I didn’t want to leave! The cat and the goat even made me feel welcome too! In the village there was a scarecrow competition, and this family had made several, one of which was a fully working robot constructed of old computers – when you clicked it showed postcards of its travels around the world, it’s sure to win!


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