Cycle Path Psychopath part 3 – The Menu

Guillerval to Saint-Jean-de-Braye
Tuesday 7 October

I was tired and sore, still suffering from Jetlag, with a sore head from wine and Champagne too… and had a longer ride today, and it again looked like rain. My host offered to give me a head start and drop me 10 km down the road – I agreed, as I was off the actual Pilgrim route anyway… And it meant I got to spend more time chatting to my host. She dropped me just past Angerville, and it was to be a fairly easy ride to Saint-Jean-de-Braye. Easy, except for the heavy rain, and that I was really hungry and hadn’t packed any snacks. I was thinking that the next store I found I would stock up on chocolate, dried fruit, nuts, and cheese… And turned into every village looking for something open. Nothing. Until I arrived at the small village of Aschères-Le-Marché – it had Marche in the name, so I figured there may be a market there… but it was closed. I looked around and found a small Resturant with a set menu for lunch. In my broken French I explained that I didn’t eat 4 legged animals, and the waitress offered pickled fish with potatoes, an omelette, cheese, dessert and wine for 12€ – the wine alone would have cost me that in Indonesia! The omelette was sensational! I can safely say it’s the best I’ve ever eaten, and I make quite a good omelet myself.

I’d had enough of Google’s muddy field detours, so turned it off, and got out the old fashioned maps – it was a fairly strait forward route to Saint-Jean-de-Braye, again until I encountered roundabouts, and went off in the wrong direction for a couple of hours! I turned on Google who wanted to send me through the fields, but I decided the brave the busy highway for a couple of kilometers instead.

My host for this evening was a lovely young woman who worked developing waste solutions, a subject which I’m very interested, as it’s a very big and growing problem in Indonesia, where I live. The local government are trying to make disposing of garbage a user pay system – the more you throw away, the more you pay, and she was developing special bins that measure garbage. She also did voluntary work in a bike shop which repairs bikes for people who can’t afforded new bikes. When I complained of a sore back, she made some adjustments on my bike, and it was much more comfortable to ride, she also fitted my bike computer, which I hadn’t figured out how to do, so now I could see how far I rode each day. I spent two nights here, as it was only a ten minute bike ride from Orleans, where I wanted to do some sightseeing.


3 thoughts on “Cycle Path Psychopath part 3 – The Menu”

  1. Hi Sally! Well, there you are, well on your way.. Too bad our paths didn’t cross in Ubud before you left. Reading about waste is an issue that is, like you, close to my heart.. and saddens me as I see what’s going on with the massive Pura Gunung Legah temple festivities. Aduh! Anyway, I’ll follow your journey.. buen camino!


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