Cycle Path Psychopath part 8 – Meeting Saint Jacques

Sainte-Maure-de-Touraine to Chatellerault
Tuesday 14 October

I continued to Chatellerault on a join-the-dots route from small village to small village, where I had another CouchSurfing host to meet. Of course there was a roundabout as I entered the town, and took the wrong exit through an industrial area, but manage to make it into town without further problems.

My host was still at work, but invited me to meet her. She worked as a nurse at a local high school. I stored my bike, and went in search of the Church of Saint Jacques, with the wooden statue of said saint covered in scollop shells. I pulled out my camera, and managed one quick snap before the lights were flicked and the church was engulfed in darkness. I did, however find someone to add a very nice stamp to my now growing collection.

I returned to the school and was surprised to see many school students smoking outside, apparently common among teenagers in France. I rode home with my host (she too had a bike), and then we went walking to discover the local area. We climbed some old factory chimneys which had stairways and platforms for a birds eye view of the city, then visited the local circus school, with which my host’s school was associated. Her school was a vocational performing circus arts school, and had many students from all over France, some graduates making it to world famous circuses such as Circus de Soleil.

Another winning CouchSurfing stay, a cosy house filled with art and treasures, with a sweet sun-filled back garden. A very generous and charming host, who cooked me a delicious pumpkin quiche, and entertained me with interesting conversation. We made potential plans for me to return to France and do the whole Loire a Velo route together. A great night!


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