Cycle Path Psychopath part 9 – Locked In

Chatellerault to Poitiers
Wednesday 15 October

This morning my host left early, and left me the keys to lock up, unfortunately I couldn’t figure out the lock, and after several failed attempts waited until she returned from work. Fortunately Wednesdays are a half day at school in France. A happy misfortune, as it meant I had more time with my delightful host.

After a late start it was a straightforward and short route to Poitiers even without a map of the cycle path. My hosts for this evening, a young couple with a little boy, lived not far from the railway station, and as they too were teachers, had the afternoon off. They met me near the station and we walked to their house, a large two story stone cottage, again with good art and great company. Their boy was very sweet and showed me his collection of swords, bows and arrows and other kid weapons. I showed him a short video of some traditional stick fighting in Lombok I had recently seen, and he was suitably impressed. More photos of my life at home, and then another wonderful dinner of duck sausages, fromage and wine, before a happy sleep.


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