Cycle Path Psychopath part 10 – My 370 Year Old Bed

Poitiers to Lusignan
Thursday 16 October

It was not so far to Lusignan, my next destination, so I spent the morning discovering the churches of Poitiers, and dropping in at the tourist office to see if they had any cycle maps. They didn’t, but directed me to a large bookstore which was able to help. They had a small guidebook for cycle routes for the whole of the Tours route from Paris to St-Jean-Pied-de-Port. It was in French, but the maps were reasonable, so I bought it. It was a nice change riding around the city without a loaded bike. I returned to my hosts, loaded up, and set off to Lusignan.

I had no accommodation booked for this evening, but had planned to stay in one of the two hotels in the town. Both had mixed reviews, so I decided to wait until I arrived to make a decision. The first one, at the start of the town, was a modern brick block, and didn’t seem very appealing, so I continued onto the other end of town, to find a charming Inn, operating, it said on the sign, from 1643 – more my style. I checked in, and they offered a price lower than on their website. The proprietor spoke excellent English and was very charming and helpful, a contrast to my other hotel stay.

As I knew I had a long ride the next day, I wanted to see the village this afternoon. I’m so glad I decided to make this a stop on my route, it was an absolutely charming village, with stories of Fairies who supposedly built the castle in one night, and some interesting history. The church and the tourist office were closed, but I wandered into the old wooden marketplace and met a local farmer selling his wares. He too spoke excellent English and entertained me with stories and history of the local area. Continuing my walk, I saw a beautiful stone house for sale for a very resonance pice.. and began to fantasize of my life in rural France…

Returning to the Inn, I sat down for a glass of the local red, then moved into the dining room for a delectable menu of escargot, prawns and macrons. The dining room had a large open fireplace with an ancient rotisserie contraption, with an inscription carved in Latin. The charming proprietor was extremely attentive and stopped for a chat to delight me with some history of the Inn, and more local legends. Feeling satisfied, I returned to my 370 year old bedroom for another comfortable night.


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