A Day of Rest

Sunday 19 October

A not so early morning and a leisurely breakfast before my host and I left for a wander around the ancient sights of Saintes. She had excellent knowledge of the local Romanesque and Gothic ruins and churches, as she had previously worked in tourism. There was an ancient amphitheater, several churches and an Abby to see. We then went In search of coffee, before she left for another engagement. Sunday is a day of rest in Saintes and nothing seemed to be open. There were a few people wandering about enjoying the glorious warm weather and clear skies, and we eventually came upon a burger shop open. A pretty ordinary coffee, and average burger, it was also a day of rest from French gastronomy.

My host then left for her appointment, leaving me the keys and run of the house. I wandered the town a little more, and dropped in at the supermarket for some supplies, before returning to her lovely apartment. As there was not much open in town, I cooked myself a simple meal, enjoying the sunset from her window, grateful for the wonderful experiences I have had so far, and considering sending out some CouchSurfing requests for the Spanish part of my trip.


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