Five of Pentacles

Los Arcos to Logrono
Thursday 6 November

Our hostel had an optional breakfast, which most of us had selected. We had all been handed a tarot card, as the breakfast ‘token’. I decided we should all look up the meaning of the cards we had been delt. I had the Five of Pentacles. I was still feeing pretty down after yesterday, but my feet felt a lot better.

The card’s meaning was a pretty good indication of how I was feeling – a loss of faith. It made me feel worse. The black dog was back. My Camino angel suggested that all cards have good meanings too, and I should look that up. She was correct, it said I had the capacity to change, and nothing lasts. I felt slightly better. Soon afterwards I started my walk for the day. I walked alone, the weather was better than the day before. I walked over a ridge and in the distance, a vision of snow capped mountains rose up in front of me. Breathtaking. The black dog was slayed. I almost had a spring in my step.

I soon met up with a Swiss woman I had met a couple of days previously. She had really irritated me on first meeting. She had joined our group for dinner, and constantly complained. The thought had passed my mind that maybe I had met her to teach me some sort of lesson, as that seems to be some purpose of the Camino. We walked together, and talked. She told me of her life, her loneliness, her fears. She became human. I enjoyed her company.

As I walked towards Logrono, I caught up with my Camino angel and my Dutch friend. My angel and I walked together. I told her what had happened the previous day, and asked if she was real. She assured me she was. She told me that my experience had meaning for her too, and I was therefore her Camino angel.

We arrived in Logrono and checked in at the municipal Albergue. Our Irish and Italian friends were there too. As their curfew was rather early, we decide to go for drinks and dinner as soon as we arrived, rushing back just in time for closing time.


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