Hotel Pilgrims

Friday 7 November

Another sleepless night with sore feet and snorers. I had decided in the middle if the night that I would spend another day in Logrono, and check into a hotel for a hot bath, and a night off. A few other pilgrims were also considering staying another day. I offered to share my hotel (hopefully not with a snorer). My Dutch friend agreed, as he too was having problems with his feet, and was impressed by pictures of the hotel buffet breakfast.

I rested in the hotel room for a while, then went for a wander around this interesting town. I visited the small museum, which had a fascinating display of ancient Roman engineering, then later met my Dutch friend and the Swiss woman for lunch. We choose a small Resturant in the square, and weren’t expecting much, but the
food and service were great. The host was very funny, trying to explain all the dishes, often running into the kitchen to show us the ingredients. I had mushroom risotto, fish in a tomato sauce, and ‘fried milk’, an interesting local dish of a fried curd for dessert. It was very good, but my friends’ dessert was even better, an apple caramel pudding. The Swiss woman entertained us with stories from her life that could raise an eyebrow or two.

I returned to the hotel for a nap, and a long hot bath. Luxury. My Dutch friend and I had arranged to meet to enjoy the local Tapas bars the town is famous for. On the way we ran into our older Canadian friend who joined us, and led us to his favorite – a bar that served divine garlicky mushrooms. The street was full, at night the town seemed to come alive. People promenaded and partied in the alleyways, we barhopped for a while tying some of the local reds the area is famous for, and munched our way down the street. Our Canadian friend returned to his friends, and we walked briskly to the other end of town to a bar that had a classical guitar player. The bar was full, and the music was lovely. We enjoyed the local ambience, the wine, the tapas before returning, rather late and curfew free to our HOTEL!


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