Human Evolution and Owls

Castanares to Burgos
Wednesday 12 November

Today, as planned we only had a short walk into Burgos. Instead of following the tradition pilgrim path, that went though what was now an industrial area, we followed the river into Burgos. The tree lined path was busy with groups of locals out for a morning stroll.

Arriving in Burgos, we crossed the river and entered the city gate, in front of the rather imposing cathedral. My Dutch friend headed towards a small cafe, and as has become the magic of the Camino, we were happily reunited with our other Camino friends, the young Irish lad, the Italian, and my Camino Angel. I was delighted to see them all again, and to have caught up. Our other Italian friend was in the Cathedral, so we would see her soon too.

I was looking forward to an easy day exploring the city. While enjoying a coffee with my friends, my brother went off in search of a hotel for us. My Dutch friend and my Camino angel decided to continue on to the next town, so we said goodby and I hoped we would and all be together for my Birthday on Friday.

My brother found a lovely place overlooking the Cathedral, so we stored our bags, and went into the rather ostentatious Cathedral. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and filled to saturation point with Renaissance and Baroque details. We spent several hours there, as there was so much to look at, and they provided an interesting audio tour. We were hungry, so we went in search of a cafe.

After lunch we went to the Museum of Human Evolution, which contains some of the most important human fossil finds in the world. A really interesting exhibition for a bunch of old bones. I learnt there that owls don’t poo, but regurgitate pellets. This it seems is common knowledge, but new information to me. They do however have bums, but hardly use them.

It was getting late, and we got a little disorientated getting back to the hotel. We had arranged to go to a pilgrims mass with our Irish and Italian friends, but were too late by the time we returned to the hotel. I sent them a message, but they appologised, and said they had left Burgos, continuing on with the others. Again I hoped we would meet on Friday. My brother and I decide to have a rest, then go out later, Spanish time, for some tapas and a vino tinto.


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